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Home rum
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On the Internet you can find recipes for Roma based on the addition of essences and other flavors that only mimic the original flavor and taste, and not always successfully. We will prepare the drink, as close to the original
KARELIAN bread (the most delicious bread baked by me so far)
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Today this bread is considered a luxury, and it was created after the war as a wheat analogue of Borodino, from 1950 became standard and won not one gold medal. Also surprisingly tried this tasty bread and simple - easy to bake even at home! Try it - you'll be charmed!
Soda bread from Lorraine
201 - 50м 8
This recipe is from my favorite TV show "Baking with no problems". Leading Lorraine Pascal so easily and naturally prepares different dishes that can not be tempted. Baking this bread will take about 40 min. until all going on a picnic, the bread will be ready.
Ginger cookies
192 3 30м 4
Recipe from Shape magazine
Rye bread with whole grain and seeds
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I offer you another recipe of the yummy bread.
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Rye country bread.

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