Skin chicken

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Cracklings beer "miner" champion!"
320 - - -
Maybe I will be criticized by nutritionists. Possible. But still, on the eve of the Champions League games I can not share with an alternative snack to beer. Crunch, crunch!
Filler pie with potatoes and bacon
150 - 60м 7
Very tasty, hearty and flavorful cake is. The taste of my childhood, when grandmother made pies with mash, onions and bacon. I invite you to my childhood!
Chicken skin stuffed with potatoes
146 - 40м -
In childhood my grandmother taught me to make potato sausages (intestines stuffed with potatoes, bacon, onions) are very tasty they turned out. Later, when they began to sell separately chicken skin, I tried to make it potatoes. Under the skin chicken eat fat, so fat is not necessary. The composition is minimal, but when I treated the guests with this dish and asked to guess the taste is what's inside, all in one voice called a lot of ingredients and the first was the meat. Then I was surprised to learn that it is not there, and the inside is just potatoes. In General, the taste reminds me of those sausages, easy to cook.
Tales from the basket
140 - - -
Zhili-byli ... Every child hears these words with pleasure, warmth and hope for something new and interesting. Tales to tell moms, dads, grandparents... Children choose a comfortable position and listen to the tales, stories, history. Every day we meet new tale, with new characters. The magic stories come from life, not necessarily to be famous tales, mother can also be a storyteller for your child, to teach kindness, generosity, courage... you Can think of a tale or to dream about summer...
Chicken "Pigs"
131 - 60м 4
Very tasty, simple and hearty dish!
Chicken "Cheater"
127 - - -
It took me like the chicken without skin. I decided to save the peel! That's what happened!!!

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