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What to cook from Stomach more

Stuffed pig stomach
210 - - 10
Pfalzer Saumagen. Longtime "wishlist", which was giving no rest for many years. At first I could not buy the stomach, then found him by some miracle, but in the Runet did not have a prescription, then found friends who have friends who live in Germany.... And which, though themselves not prepared, but selflessly found the recipe and kindly translated it. And then it was like Nasreddin Hodja, who could not eat halva, cooked at home: if it was butter and honey, no flour, if there was flour and oil was not honey and so on))) And the stomach was lying and sadly freezing in the freezer... ( ( ( And the conscience is like a hamster: or sleeping, or chewing. And now, dogryz – again climbed in Runet and found a wonderful recipe on Goodcookie, thank you very much, Inna. More excuses to take time off, and we decided... fellow cooks living in Germany! Can throw sneaker (is what guests to put on) and tomatoes (for salad amiss), but was prepared according to the recipes of people certifying in their (recipes) of authenticity.
184 4.5 360м 8
Morning soup made from tripe and garlic. Hush don't eat. Hash taste. And eat it in the company. Hush brings people together, hush - a kind of morning prayer, praise the Lord, Hallelujah!
A La carte salad with chickpeas
161 - 15м 2
I suggest you prepare for a holiday or just a portion, this salad of chickpeas, duck stomachs, and avocado! Well, it turned out very tasty, will definitely cook it in the future! Recipe copyright
139 3.3 300м 8
Morning soup.
Salad "Tidbit"
137 - 20м 1
Hearty salad with goose liver and ventricles. Beautiful in design salad can be served also on the holiday table.
Pickled ears and stomach in Korean
135 3 3м 20
For those who like hot, spicy and homemade. I love pig ears, and tripe (stomach) in Korean. But to buy all the time from vendors at the market is expensive and not safe. And I decided to learn myself. Don't know if I did the right thing, but all friends and relatives happy. Here's the recipe.

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