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What to cook from Banana more

Compote "sunlight"
0.8k 3 30м 3
The sun is the main source of energy for the Earth... For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Dessert "Monamur"
483 3 25м 2
Mouth-watering treat!
Salad "Evening Blues"
415 - 40м 8
This salad I saw on the website zefira. net. confused me there for two ingredients: raisins and a banana. BUT... I still decided to cook it for New Year and so I liked that I could eat only it. Made this salad for Christmas. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song" (originally wanted to submit another salad, but comparing these two salads for new year's table, I changed my decision).
Cake "Veronica"
408 - 30м 10
Favorite cake of my daughter Veronica. She often asks him to cook, while helping myself. The cake is done easily and simply, because in its preparation used ready-made sponge cakes. Try it, it's delicious!
Salad "Other exotics"
384 - 35м 6
Was looking for this recipe on the website, very much similar, but they are mostly with seafood. I offer You the option of chicken, this combination of ingredients at first glance, confusing, but in the end it turns out very tasty. My family devours that cracks behind the ears, and guests always ask for the recipe.
Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas
362 - 180м 8
Offer You a recipe of strawberry & banana cake without baking. Delicate summer dessert with strawberries and banana. Bright and beautiful cake with a pleasant taste and delicate texture. Every year I get excited about when you see this delicious berry that becomes decoration for any dessert.

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