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What to cook from Balsamic more

Carp Mediterranean
0.6k 4 - 4
Delicious Carpiquet with spicy sauce!!! One of my "signature" dishes. Very tasty!!! Pleased with their men on February 23))) As always - was in the wild delight)))
Salad "Copenhagen"
405 - - -
A wonderful fish salad. Delicious, nutritious and at the same time quite gentle and interesting.
Chicken breast with strawberry sauce
392 - - -
Let's see what we have prepared! Unmatched delicious chicken breast! Great fried chicken breast with a terrific balsamic dressing strawberry arugula salad and feta! It is very tasty! Enjoy!
Pressed pig ears
369 - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
Salad vegetables on the grounds of the khorovats
366 - 40м 4
Long doubted whether to put this recipe, it's so simple. But as tried to cook it again and again, I decided that recipe. Its origins, this salad takes from Armenian khorovats. In fact "khorovats" is the Armenian barbecue. This salad (and maybe snack) roasted vegetables has the same name, whether because it is prepared directly in front of barbecue and serves as a complement to meat, whether due to the similar way of cooking. However, this dish is good as a company to the barbecue, or as a standalone course goes on "cheers&qu ot;. Variants of this salad as many variants of borscht, in every family it is prepared differently. Therefore, the authenticity of the recipe not expect, just offer your own version, maybe for someone it will become "her".
Fast pizza with grilled vegetables
358 - 40м 6
Pizza on the wheat tortilla, the type of tortilla is much faster than a traditional pizza, because we don't spend time for preparation of the dough. But it is no less delicious because the main character here are the seasonal vegetables - eggplant and zucchini - marinated and grilled.

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