What to cook from Dumplings more

Resetto cheese
0.5k 4 25м -
Amazing recipe, which turns out tasty and tender dish for the whole family!
Dumplings "camping"
459 - - -
I want to tell is not about how to sculpt dumplings and how to cook them so that you can take with you camping. Because to maintain a decent view of the hot dumplings in a thermos for a long time - not an easy task. However, a couple of manipulations and dumplings in perfect condition. Sleight of hand and no moshenstva
Soup "Noble"
258 4 - -
Delicious soup without much hassle. I really love children.
Dumplings fries
252 - 15м 2
You never know, suddenly someone does not know how simple and awesome tasty you can still apply!:)
Chicken "Tenderness" stuffed dumplings
224 3 50м 4
Very tender and tasty chicken, surprises with its richness and uniqueness.
Dumplings "Orc"
222 - 20м 2
Very unprofitable, very quickly, but very satisfying, tasty and cheap! Favorite dish my husband invented was in College, when money is scarce and need to feed a bunch of people. It may be useful to someone ;) All the ingredients are for two servings.

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