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0.8k - 80м 4
Popular Swedish dish, which is served in restaurants (Planck - plate, stack the steak) - the steak on the plate. Look at the history of the dishes, I saw that this is not a Swedish dish, but Hungarian. In Hungarian this dish is called "fatanyeros". Seeing the store plank for cooking, I decided to buy them and prepare the dish at home. The result made me very happy! You can eat one of the favorite dishes, without spending a lot of money.
Meatballs with cream sauce IKEA
0.7k 4.8 - 4
Signature recipe for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook cream sauce for meatballs
Cream sauce for meatballs IKEA
0.6k 4.4 - 4
Trademark recipe cream sauce for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook IKEA meatballs
Onion rings fries
0.6k 4.7 - -
Appetizer that is loved not all, for the brutal men of the company at the time, especially if you have no friends.
Turban muslin
464 5 60м 10
Of fish. Superbrata. The whole history of cooking for this dish ; -)
Roulade of pork belly "Home"
448 - 150м -
Tasty, natural product.

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