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What to cook from Paprika more

Roll with chicken
1.1k 4.6 - -
A hell of a habitual thing for us and much easier within the office, factory, plant, than a regular sandwich. The fact that the roll is easy to hold in hand, if it is normal to twist, none of the pieces will have been in vain – all will go into your digestive system. Besides, no one even guess is not that you have inside of the roll. So if you are a man with delusions of persecution, this thing for you!
Crispy chicken wings
408 5 - -
This appetizer is more difficult and costly in terms of time, but it's worth it. Especially suitable for those who loves nature and to cook using the convection oven.
Spicy Mexican pizza
292 - - 5
Weekend released time for culinary experiments, especially if the weather does not favor the sun. Pizza Mexican bean layer with cheese and spices – why not?
Puff "pockets" with sausage and cheese
193 4 40м -
A light and hearty snack made with puff pastry in a hurry. Not really had time to take pictures, after 5 minutes the plate was empty :-)
Meat pie in a yeasted pastry
159 3 200м 10
HUGE meat Patty =) highly recommend, especially for the holidays when a lot of guests.
Sweet chicken
118 5 100м -
Tender chicken with a crispy crust suitable for the holiday table or just for a romantic dinner,))) It is not burnt, it's the sweetness of cooked)))

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