Sichuan pepper

What to cook from Sichuan pepper more

Salad with tofu and salted eggs
253 - 5м 1
This traditional Chinese salad. It well demonstrates the characteristics of Chinese cuisine. The ingredients of this dish, separately, by themselves, not very tasty. But their combination is just the bomb!
Fried pancakes with pork and shrimp
241 - - -
Fried pancakes (spring rolls) stuffed with pork shrimp and vegetables in Shanghai style. The preparation is quite long, but they are worth it. For those who for any reasons does not eat pork or shrimp - you can replace the pork fat and chicken, shrimp - on white fish.
Spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce with the scent of smoke
232 - 60м 2
I want to offer you a recipe of sweet flavored ribs with smoke. With green onion and dill they have the taste of a summer barbecue, roasted on the grill. I invite all lovers of sweet meat and kebabs!
Simple sneki
187 - 40м 4
Extremely crispy fish! Is eaten immediately, as seeds. It is perfect to a glass of cold beer, and with the salad it perfectly.
Chicken c soy sauce
174 - - -
For many Housewives soy sauce of exotic spices became simply irreplaceable ingredient that gives familiar dishes of new flavors. For example, chicken with soy sauce — very tasty and flavorful dish, with an interesting cooking technique, and as a result, interesting taste. For this dish it is desirable to have a wok, or at least a deep pan.
Stewed potatoes with meat in Chinese
155 - - -
Potatoes with meat, roast at home, tushonka potato, something like the dish even "sauce" is called. And like everywhere. As it turned out, in China, too. Spices Yes some of the nuances and soy sauce –and the usual native food sounds fresh and even a little exotic.

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