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Irish stew
5k 5 - -
All who have read the famous and very funny book by Jerome K. Jerome "Three men in a boat, not counting the dog," has to be remembered as the heroes they cook the Irish stew, the main principle of which is that to put it can, whatever you wish! But unlike the book my stew is very tasty and satisfying! :-)
Pie "Mouse"
2.7k 4.5 165м 10
Very delicious cake recipe in the form of a mouse with a meat filling. It turned out a little crooked, but everything depends solely on you.
Pork pigtails
2.5k 4 - -
Meat dish
Salad "Tormozok"
2.4k 5 - -
Delicious salad and quick cooking.
Salad "Alina"
2.3k 3.5 - -
Found on the Internet. Thanks to the author Nelchik. A very interesting and tasty salad. Soon Old New year, try this cake!!!
Salad "Lambada"
2.1k 3 30м 6
A wonderful combination of mushrooms, chicken and canned pineapple.

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