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Pancakes from the oven Chinese-style
117 - - -
Bake pancakes everywhere. And not even always in the pan. Sometimes I bake pancakes in the oven, it's delicious, and the structure is different. And if we add flavored fruit, cooked with spices, it turns out very tasty, a bit unusual and a bit exotic. Aromas of star anise, sesame seeds and the dough is very tempting!
Lenten cake mint strawberry
116 - - -
And in the post there are holidays, birthdays and special occasions when a cake is needed! Bake such a cake with juicy strawberry and mint sponge cake, sweet and sour strawberry, raspberry, with sweet pudding and good crisp cool minty sugar. It is very tasty and in the right hands and be nice!
Lenten almond cake with strawberry glaze
98 - - -
Delicate and fragrant cake. Do not even say that lean, especially if you let it soak a couple of hours. Cake with almond flour is soft, and the strawberry frosting is very tasty. Even in the post tea party can be fun.
"Spaghetti with seafood"
97 - - 4
Came fast, and it would be desirable to diversify the menu. I offer you spinach noodles with sea food.
Lean "mayonnaise" the dry milk substitute
92 - 5м -
Continue his experiments with mayonnaise...:))) Now post, but I really want salads with mayonnaise. On the Internet there are several recipes on the flour and starch. I tried last year - not much! One, as a paste, the other not at all similar. Recently put a recipe on seeds when you can not vegetable oil. The recipe is not bad, but still not quite... Before I have always done mayonnaise on regular milk. I recently bought a vegetable substitute dry milk for baking. Decided to do an experiment on this milk. And it turned out not bad! It is not bad, the sauce came out.
Gourmet coffee and lemon dessert
86 - 20м 2
At first glance it seems that this is a difficult and expensive dessert? Not at all! Today we will prepare with you Manne coffee mousse with lemon cream, and just for you! Actually, the dessert looks very decent and quite suitable for serving guests at a holiday table... And what he vkusniy! Children, adults... I think everyone will like! And even opposers monkey, it's not just a mess, and the air with a delicate mousse layers of creamy lemon cream! As for cooking time, you have a lot of his mousse doesn't take anything I'm rambling, and you probably look forward to when it will start to cook? Then proceed ;)

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