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What to cook from Pete more

Giros pita
1.3k - 20м 4
Gyros - a version of the Shawarma, which is prepared in Greece. In Rhodes we ate Gyros with French fries and tomatoes, and I decided to make a lightweight version. I really like what Gyros is prepared in 10 minutes and can be as a full dinner or a quick treat for unexpected guests.
1.1k - 90м 3
Came in on a Saturday the husband from the street and said the magic words: the former site of the café, next to the house, opened Soblazna. And immediately joined "podarochnaja memory": the beginning of the 2000s: summer, heat, sun, in Moscow poke of summer cafes, we are free, young, to put in the country, we-the feast of disobedience. Go where we like, do what you want, about her husband's work was a tent cafe where they served one dish and called it "Gyros". Although, in fact, it was Gyros. Also a Greek dish but prepare it differently. And home usloviyakh almost impossible to do, because it is cooked on a vertical spit and is a kind of a kind of middle Eastern Shawarma. The children grew up and escaped from the greyness and bad weather in the "bounty". And I decided that it is not a sin for the youth to remember. I invite You to go "on the waves of my memory". We are waiting for all lovers of meat, vegetables, simple but tasty dishes
0.8k 4 - -
Hearty dish with pita, pasta and peas homos. Perfectly for Breakfast , as an appetizer on the holiday table, often going on Friday around the afternoon.
Cream soup of red lentils
0.5k - 30м 10
Very light, delicate taste of the soup. In this low fat, easily digestible and very useful lens, but because this is a great soup for those who are dieting or fasting.
Pita triangles with cheese filling
498 4 - -
Turns out very tasty pita with a crispy crust and creamy cheese. Can replace dinner if served with salad. And the Breakfast is very good, you can still take with you to work, the kids to wrap in school, on a picnic not too bad! Are prepared quickly, and eaten even faster. Source LJ, i_lara.
Eateries sausage Christmas trees with tinsel
485 - 25м -
I propose to vary the Christmas table a very simple, delicious and beautiful appetizer in the form of Christmas trees.

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