Juice berry

What to cook from Juice berry more

Cake "Sakura"
240 5 90м 12
Crisp, fragrant, delicate.
Cake poppy
227 - - -
On the cake need a Mac, instead of flour is finely milled Mak. Try, for lovers of the Mac!
Dessert "Bonjour" or "Flowers in pot"
220 - - -
Original and delicious dessert. From such a surprise, always delight children, but, of course, love it and the adults!
Risotto with cherries and pine nuts
214 4 40м 4
Delicious, "fancy", a dessert risotto - like, not only adults but also children! An alternative to the usual rice porridge.
Cake "Black forest"
196 4 - -
This cake, like "Honey" as "Napoleon" (the list goes on), lots of options, each hostess has her own recipe. Who loves this cake, go. I will share with You my recipe.
Plum Panna cotta
191 - 60м 4
This is a classic, quick and easy to make dessert that mousse of plums brings a whole new flavor and taste

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