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What to cook from Popcorn more

Cake "Ant" from popcorn
177 - 10м 6
Prepare a simple anthill of popocorn. We made popcorn for yourself from beans, but you can take ready or popcorn quick cooking in batches for the microwave.
Caramel popcorn
140 - - -
What movie or multima to do without popcorn? This recipe will make your friends admire you! Because the popcorn in caramel 100% similar like cinemas and even better. Surprise your loved ones!
Cream soup with popcorn "a ticket to the movies"
137 - 45м 3
This simple, yet unusual recipe is the perfect accompaniment to a home movie or a fun party with friends. Tenderness of delicious soup, the crunch of the solar popcorn and cool mood!
Snack cake "Christmas boot"
129 4 120м -
Delicious snack cake with a delicate sauce and generovani frosting - the perfect decoration for the Christmas table! For the contest "Christmas style".
Dessert "Chocolate madness"
118 - - -
the chocolate is heady... gentle... exciting... vivid... maddening delicacy... and if you add a bit of dried apricots, prunes and raisins... and popcorn - for ease of.... mmm... real chocolate madness for kids and their parents:)
Caramel popcorn
115 - 10м -
Popcorn is always cooked her husband, but then decided to try I... and sugar sprinkled at the end, and cooked together with the beans. It turned out simply delicious. Popcorn never loved. And then... in the night Wake up, so going to try.

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