What to cook from Purslane more

Salad with purslane "Summer"
446 - 15м 5
This salad my mom makes every summer! I remember it from childhood. Hot and spicy salad, taste a bit like pickled mushrooms. Very quickly prepared! Great snack!
Salad of purslane
120 - 10м 4
Light salad and, most importantly, easy!!
Salad with jade
110 - 15м 2
Salad with jade (Portulaca). Very delicate and original, seasonal salad. Purslane grows many country houses now as a weed. Someone had planted it for the experiment, and now doesn't know how to get rid of, someone got the seeds from neighbors, but now many grows it is unpretentious and delicious garden plants. And what to do with him, many just can not imagine. And it can be eaten in salads, pickling, frying, do it Korean style, add to green soup or soup etc. etc. Here's a salad you can eat very often, it is not boring.
106 4 30м 4
Forgotten About purslane purslane (or Dandora), annual plant of the family portulaceae, suddenly undeservedly forgotten. His garden counterpart is quite popular with gardeners, but the gardeners purslane is why some do not favor. In vain. This is a very tasty and useful plant. Purslane is known to people since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans willingly ate it. Hippocrates, Pliny and other physicians and scientists have used this plant to treat various diseases, and in the middle ages the Arabs it was considered "blessed".

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