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What to cook from Praline more

Custard doughnuts with cream of pistachio praline
295 - - -
This donut recipe in my opinion, is just perfect! Doughnuts choux pastry crispy on the outside, airy and tender inside, and in combination with the air cream with pistachio praline - they are simply divine. This dish can be a great start to the day and great after a meal.
Muscovy cake "Space Christmas"
191 - 240м 7
If someone haven't tried moscovie cakes, offer a recipe. Sure that you are indifferent will not stay. Its unique taste makes the difference, it just melts in your mouth.
The Dance Of The Geisha
150 3 120м 12
Very tasty and sweet dessert that will enhance any holiday table. Cooking is a little troublesome, but the result is worth it.
Roll with praline "Christmas log"
107 - 120м 8
Praline is a special confectionery mass, made of ground nuts, roasted in the Sahara. Its name it owes to French Ambassador to Belgium, the Duke of Plessis-Pralin. In 1671 he first created this dessert, which today is used more for fillings of confectionery and in the preparation of creams. About the magic taste of praline, you can talk for a long time... I Present to you the loaf - a symbol of Christmas in France, nutty taste which, even in the presence of chocolate prevails. Christmas is not soon, but why on other days do not enjoy a delicious dessert? After all, the rules created to be broken! ;)
Cake "Royal" from the famous Frederick Casella
103 - 180м 8
For the New Year I prepared the Cake "Royal" from the famous Frederick Cases, the recipe is in my cooking blog shared Victoria (kinda_cook), for which I am very grateful. The cake is very tasty and is prepared with ordinary ingredients. The amount of ingredients I bring to the form, size 18X18 cm, although she cooked a tremendous cake for big company (anyone can count the number on your form - simple maths will be useful). As something special to decorate I failed simply because of lack of time (any owner understands that in addition to the cake needed to cook whatnot). However, my design to the taste of the cake certainly didn't hurt. Cake lovers chocolate mousse cakes and, most importantly, no gelatin in this mousse not. PS: do not worry about this long description, read I think longer than to cook the cake itself. The result is worth a little hard work.
Chocolate bars and muesli praline
90 - 15м 8
Thanks to the contest, recipes for granola and granola on the website now for every taste and color! I propose to prepare a quick chocolate bars with your favourite muesli by adding one delicious ingredient, hazelnut praline!

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