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What to cook from Yogurt more

Amur baked with vegetables
388 - - -
Delicious baked Cupid with vegetables and sesame seeds in the oven. Prepare this dish for your family and enjoy family delicious and appetizing dinner. The fish I prepared a delicious spinach sauce that perfectly complements the fish taste. Vegetables and amount of vegetables you take at your discretion, you can add eggplant, zucchini, carrots. Pour the vegetables and fish in any fermented milk product, just don't overdo it. Bon appetit!
Pancakes on sour milk
349 - 20м 4
Always come to the rescue of the Browns on the menu! Indulge on the Breakfast family! And to result from the dishes to achieve a little bit have to work hard! Mugs are very flat, we don't need ( and fluffy they are! For each family, at least the thousandth time what the secret will be useful to us! And I am extremely willing to learn! I know those you want to share!
Pie "Kuh"
249 3.5 120м -
Delicious pie dough on yogurt.
Cranberry shifter
246 5 - -
The recipe was given to Michelle, I significantly increased the amount of cranberries, it is the number and indicate. Cooked very quickly and simply, but very tasty!!!
Chorba lamb with waving and chickpeas
242 - 120м 7
Just want to warn you that this soup "lover", more precisely, on the fan of lamb. And considering that chorba, if you believe the encyclopedia is a sour soup, before serving, fill it yogurt.
Chocolate-potato animals
225 4 60м -
Is it possible from the potatoes to cook dessert? It turns out that you can! Myself until yesterday did not believe! I love fancy recipes, I decided to experiment. Turned out the most delicious gingerbread! The contest "animal world".

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