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Flax baguettes
0.6k - 210м 6
Flax baguettes useful and... beautiful. As they are simple to prepare, and so delicious.
Rye bread without yeast
291 - 480м -
Bread baked without yeast and no wheat flour. I use only rye flour, water, salt and sugar. As additives use bran or semolina bran and different flours (flax, pumpkin, chickpeas, corn, etc.). The store bread is not desirable.
Rice-linseed bread
248 - - -
I suggest You to bake bread out of rice and flax flour. Such cakes will be the most useful, low-calorie and gluten-free. The taste and aroma of unusual, original, pronounced, unusual and specific. Dense, a bit structure with a nice brownish tint. Help yourself to good health!
Lean unleavened bread "Favorite"
218 - 15м 12
Some months bake this bread. He became my favorite. Why? Because it's delicious, healthy - rich in fiber and dietary fiber, b vitamins and trace elements, is baked very quickly and this bread in the store just can not buy! The composition of the led itself, completely eliminating white refined flour, devoid of all beneficial properties. Now in the Post, I thought it would be appropriate to show the whole process of cooking. Maybe someone of you Cooks, and useful...
Bread for dinner "Fragrant"
215 - 120м -
For vacation planned time out in the woods, to the country?! Bake these buns. Beautiful - YES, comfortable - VERY tasty and healthy - no DOUBT. Help yourself.
Breadsticks Flaxseed
208 - 60м 6
Hi all. Want to start your week on the Russian tradition - with bread. Since time immemorial, our dear guests were met with bread and salt. So I decided to bake for you, my darling, bread, but very unusual for two reasons. The first is in the form of twisted sticks, and the second was Flaxseed. So, dear guests, you are welcome!!!

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