Tomatoes mashed

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Pizza soup
414 - 40м 4
Very tasty, unusual, and most importantly - fast! Your participation - at least. The soup is very rich, with a pleasant mild spicy flavor. Hearty. You will like it!
Soup with eggplants and canned beans
229 - 80м -
I offer a very hearty and delicious eggplant soup. It can be prepared without meat (great for lent), or to make thick, rich meat. Cook pork, lamb, chicken, Turkey or beef. In the recipe provided the option with the flesh of beef, so cooking times listed with the stewing meat. Help yourself!
Red sauce with onions and cucumbers
191 - 25м 10
Recipe from the wonderful book "Russian food" under the editorship of V. P. Butromeev. Very beautiful publication with an interesting pre-revolutionary recipes. Many reproductions of paintings, photos, menu, pre-revolutionary banquets. I love these historical culinary publications. Well, about the sauce. Ideal for filing side dishes, stewing chops, roasting mutton The sauce is very good with fresh bread. Spicy, sweet and sour. The brine taste traditional Russian cuisine. The recipe does not include the cooking time of the red broth, but cooking will be taught. Took the recipe as a basis, but slightly altered under itself. Come on in, help yourself.
Stuffed pepper
146 3 60м 8
My mother and I for the winter in jars close the peppers to winter his stuff. Present for your consideration my version of stuffed pepper.
136 4 50м 8
Tender beefsteak in the test
Spaghetti mix with the sardines in foil
126 - 25м 4
Italian pasta cooked with seafood, very rarely add the cheese. Shortage compensate cheese bread crumbs that create the desired consistency and give a more appetizing appearance to the dish.

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