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The real Uighur lagman
388 3 - -
In Central Asia lives a very many nationalities. Of course, historically, their culture are intertwined, and this affects the affinity of languages, traditions and, especially in the culinary arts. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to answer the question about belonging to a particular nation of a certain culinary masterpiece. One of such masterpieces of Central Asian meal is Lagman. For those who first hear about this dish, I will explain is manually stretched noodles with gravy, but it's unlike noodles flat view, but rather a kind of spaghetti. That there are many varieties of it, no doubt, but the real dish is called, but rather clarify: the Uighur. I want to share the secrets of making Uyghur lagman, focusing rather on the technique of cooking stretched noodle, not gravy. After all, as mentioned above, the gravy – SAI - may be different, but the dough is one - extended. This skill passed to me by my mother, she is a native of Xin-Jiang Uygur Autonomous region of China.
Buckwheat with eggs and vegetables
379 - 30м 4
Hearty, bright and tasty. Crispy onions, rich eggplant soft, crumbly buckwheat and spicy, slightly spicy taste. Help yourself!
Salad "Bourgeois"
354 4 30м 4
Our answer is "Gentleman"! When discussing Lackinga (Pachita) salad Barin flashed the phrase "Eat pineapples and hazel grouses chew..." then what all know! Thus was born the idea of this salad! Try it!
Dolma unusual
352 - - -
This dish, of course, is not traditional, authentic dolma... But there's one ingredient that makes it taste even more unusual. The recipe I did it accidentally. Left after the holidays a piece of home pastrami. We don't really love, although it is considered a delicacy. Throw a pity... I Decided to dream a little. And so was born the recipe of my famous dolma. And guests always ask what I'd prepared this variant and not traditional. So you have to always have in stock not only grape leaves, basturma.
Meat nut sandwich
232 - 120м -
My son loves the sandwiches, and the sausage we buy only in exceptional cases, it is necessary to cook meats at home. This walnut meat sold in our stores and cook it at home very simply and very quickly. And thanks to the slow cooker, your active participation is almost not required. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R
This pilaf
226 3 45м 6
All the secrets of pilaf. This Pilaf in Uzbek has a lot of secrets in cooking technology. Here I bring these secrets. Vyznat hereditary Uzbek. Very tasty! To bother you will be 45 -50 minutes, then he had independently prepared the hour and half hour endurance in a blanket (fans of the classic approach). We can not stand, eat immediately )))

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