Turkish delight

What to cook from Turkish delight more

Cakes "Cigar"
190 - 15м -
This delicious pastry can be neatly folded in a nice box and give to friends for the holiday. And you can just enjoy the house for a Cup of tea in a family circle... or the same friends. The choice is yours. One thing I can say is delicious!
Mini killicki with delight
165 - 30м 4
In Bulgaria I like to cook cakes with delight, as the delight. Kaplicky is one of the traditional Bulgarian pastries. It turns out very tasty. In addition to delight in it the dough will do another filling of your choice. With this batch I cooked also kifli with chocolate and ham.
Cake "Exotic Paradise"
141 3.5 - -
Gentle and vozdushnyy cake from curd-yoghurt test... Soaked in juices and fragrant with delicious smells of banana and juicy orange... a Handful of berries for a light sourness... and a nectarine for decoration... With an unusual layer of Turkish delight, giving additional exotic elegance of cake... Easy to prepare and is as easy eating pie, which will delight small and big sweet tooth.
Cake "first Version"
132 - 90м 8
Want to cook a delicious and beautiful cake for his birthday, so you need to practice. This is the first version of the cake. It turned out very tasty, tender and soft.
Cheesecake "Snow"
123 4 - -
Delicate cheesecake cloud with light patches... coconut-based cookie with white chocolate.. and of course fruit layer of ripe juicy apples and fragrant favorite.. banana.. enjoy your big and little kids this useful and vkusnyuschim a puddin ' pop...
Cakes "Dessert for men"
121 - 15м 12
Delicate pastries with a male emphasis will be equally on both men and women. In a word - all who have a sense of humor and sweet tooth. Just in case warn all the ingredients in the video edible!...

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