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What to cook from Rhubarb more

The juice from the rhubarb
0.7k - 5м -
We are now adding to salad dressings, lemon juice, and the Soviet times, fruit was tight. That's why she did the juice from the rhubarb, and using it for dressings instead of vinegar and lemon. Only the process was time-consuming twist through a meat grinder and push-UPS in gauze. With the advent of juicers, the process is considerably accelerated. If you have not decided what to do with rhubarb, this recipe might come in handy.
Jelly rhubarb
0.5k 4 60м 10
When begins the season of rhubarb, sometimes you just don't know where to attach it... Spend sugar to jam, I personally just feel sorry for rhubarb. But not in my rules not to use all growing in the garden with the maximum benefit.. the Pudding in this case is exactly what we need!!! You can add when cooking a minimum of sugar, just perfect to drink instead of lemonade. Or the child refuses to eat cereal, pour her some juice, maybe a dish more taste to your kid...
Green soup "Swan song"
412 - 40м 6
A little soup all grandmother nursed.. And because we, the grandchildren, it was a lot! On a tiny pension she could not live, she managed all of us to please! Borschets I called Swan song: eat it in one sitting - and interesting to live!!! We were inspired intense heat on my grandmother's borschets from childhood: come the summer time that you don't want much dish of the test...
Soup beef tail with chickpeas
342 4 120м 6
Very tasty soup. Recipe learned while on a business trip in Asia.
Low-calorie muffins with rhubarb
341 4.5 45м 16
One muffin 175 calories. Despite the small amount of oil, the cupcakes are not made of rubber, and lush and tender. Very tasty with milk and strawberry jam.
Rhubarb pie
337 4 60м 10
Rhabarberkuchen mit Baiser. It is time for rhubarb. We now have rhubarb very cheap, fresh, awesome. A pleasure to recycle it.

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