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Cheese "valence" of goat's milk
0.5k - 40320м 6
French goat cheese Valencay, made in the form of a truncated pyramid sprinkled wood ash on the fruit trees. According to legend, the original form was pyramidal, but Napoleon, who had returned after the failed Egyptian companies, it triggered unpleasant memories and he was cut off by the sword the tip.
Cupcake "Fusion"
208 - 80м 8
Delicious cake with crushed pistachio nuts, a layer of feijoas, mashed with sugar, cinnamon and chocolate icing with grated Apple. Very interesting taste and refreshing aroma.
Mini cupcakes
151 - 15м -
A very convenient option of baking on a holiday or a party, especially for kids and, of course, school fairs and events! And once eaten, you can bake with nut or anything according to Your wish and preference!
150 - 50м 8
Traditionally, a muffin is considered a dish of British cuisine, although for a long time this dish is served all over the world using different fillers and ingredients.
Fish in sweet and sour sauce
148 4 30м -
I live in Vladivostok, and we have a very popular Chinese cuisine. This recipe I came up with myself, trying in China the fish in the sauce. Fish turns out very tender and tasty.
Chocolate cheese cake
142 - - -
Cake, prepared according to this recipe will surprise you with its tenderness, flavor and, of course, taste. Come and help yourself :)

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