Minced Turkey

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Stuffed Turkey hearts
294 - 90м -
This dish from chef Felix Bogaevskogo. My family liked it, I hope you will like.
The rascals
288 - 35м 6
Such a funny name I met in the book "Recipes of Ukrainian cuisine". As it turned out, the rascals - it's succulent sausages from the Turkey and cheese. For a side dish you can serve delicious brown rice INDICA BROWN
Salad "a Candle was burning... "
244 3 - -
Melo, Melo throughout all the land unto all the coasts. A candle burned on the table, a Candle burned. In summer a swarm of midges Flies to the flame, Flocked flakes from the yard To the window frame... amazing stork Pasternak... what could be more romantic than a candlelight dinner?... and one of the candles can be replaced quite shedonism and delicious salad.. a nice combination of plum and Apple.. as the sweetness of kisses.. light hint of garlic.. like the sharpness of feelings.. feel the freshness of cucumber and carrots... like very soft.. cooked rice and Turkey.. for satiety.. and of course a boiled egg for better taste.. And all was lost in snowy mist Gray and white. A candle burned on the table, a Candle burned...
Almost diet meatballs
178 - - -
Tender and delicious meatballs in dill sauce we have for dinner tonight! Go! Treat!
175 - 60м 9
Nowhere to be found right in this recipe, because I cooked it to your liking))) Suitable for those who are on "nutrition" 🤭 it tastes good, color photo of Bud's burning, but no, it was the magic color of buckwheat🙈
Hot "Pan c meatballs"
173 - - 4
Another popular meal is polpette di Teglia. I want to bring to Your attention one of the favorite dishes of my family. "the Pot of meatballs" is easy to make, nourishing, tasty and aromatic meal, which rightly can take one of the places of honor on the holiday table!!!

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