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Braised Yam with vegetables
436 - 40м 4
The caloric content of the tubers of this amazing plant is slightly lower than the caloric content of potatoes, and the chemical composition is varied. They contain carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fats, proteins, while the percentage of the different substances depends largely on varieties of sweet potato. The root is recommended for disorders of the nervous system, stress, insomnia. In the composition of the sweet potato has a large amount of potassium, and it is one of the best natural antidepressants. Menu people suffering from diabetes have to be dishes from sweet potatoes. It so happened that the husband wanted to try what is sweet potato... And this year on the site we received a relatively small but very welcome crop. As of recipes from this vegetable is not much, had to experiment. Turned out pretty well, unusual and quite priemlimo. Anyone interested-please look.
Quiche stuffed with sweet potato
272 - - -
Tortured her husband sweet desserts and pastries. Asks simple boiled potatoes! Poor man! I play in a contest of desserts! What to do? It happened this tart... stuffed with sweet potato (sweet potato). And wishes made for a contest recipe! Come on, have a treat! Thank you for the recipe of our Mashen'ka (Mary Stone)
Muffins made with sweet potato and leek "Thimbles"
247 - 60м -
The reason for this recipe was from two events: the purchase of molds for mini-muffins and a desire, finally, to try the sweet potato (sweet potato, which I've heard so much about). The result of the confluence of these two circumstances was this dish: lush cupcake with the subtle flavor of Basil without the gram flour. Especially liked their size.
Pancakes made with sweet potato
203 - - -
I again muffins, this time the sweet potato or pumpkin.
Pancakes from potato, sweet potato and cheese with yogurt sauce
184 3 - -
Very tasty pancakes, well just very! And wonderful sauce! I really recommend You to try this dish! But if no sweet potato, no problem! It is possible without it! From the book quick recipes from the Beni Seyd "For a minute."
Soup from Mama Rose
180 - 90м 15
Very light and delicate soup. He, by the way, great choice for kids up to, and after, as well as for nursing moms.

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