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What to cook from Turnips more

425 - 150м 6
There, is there already Basma, but how many people - so many cooking options! Good, and the set of products, and their sequence can vary depending on the time of year, desire to cook, and preferences of consumers. The dish is Uzbek. On the East pilaf is a festive dish. I think this is not fair! Basma (accent on last syllable) with its insane flavor, colors and raznoobraziem cope with the role of the holiday is not worse! This dish can be cooked outdoors in a cauldron or pot, and at home on the stove in a thick-walled pot. So, my option.
Soup "Mastava"
343 3 50м 4
Of course, in Uzbekistan this rice meat soup is made from lamb and sheep fat. I prepare it a little differently and do it well. Try to cook in my recipe.
Vegetable stew with turnip
317 - 90м 4
Saw a huge number of recipes vegetable stew, but it was one that I remember from childhood, namely, with turnips, was not found. Can be served as a side dish, although, in principle, it your own dish.
Mashed turnips
305 3.5 - -
For lovers of turnip greens. A nice additional garnish for the potatoes.
Minestrone Siberian or winter stew "grandfather Planted a turnip... "
285 - 40м 6
Flavorful hearty soup of vegetables (maybe not even a particularly favorite), growing in any the Siberian garden. Nothing fancy, just delicious!
Vegetable medley
276 3 50м 8
This dish is cooked in a double boiler. Fast, simple, useful and very cute

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