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"Turkey tails"
1.9k 3.4 - -
Yes, Yes and Yes again the recipe with our tails /ass/. Every man is what he eats, loves, and I love the tails grilled, steamed, braised, smoked in any form. I looked in our favorite site not found this recipe. I tell you it is very tasty.
Soup with beef tails
213 - 200м 4
For lovers of offal:)
Flyaki village
203 - 240м 8
Very tasty and hearty peasant soup, is very popular not only in Poland but also in neighbouring countries. For example, in the Czech Republic.
Bovine tails from Gordon Ramsay
200 - 210м 8
Beef tails steamed homemade recipe Gordon Ramsay. 've been fond of watching all cooking shows. And, of course, sometimes you want to cook some elaborate dish. But this recipe was offered in the transfer of Gordon Ramsay's "home Cooking". This tender braised ox tails. Just keep in mind that with these ingredients it is very sharp. As he told Ramsay and this is his recipe for this dish from his childhood. Because the family was not rich, his mother had to save. And tails on a budget. However, the Gordon made the dish their amendments and added Asian touch. The recipe will give full, although I was missing a couple of ingredients not to buy. The only thing I wouldn't call it a budget option for us, because we have tails are fresh 250 rubles per kg, and frozen in 200. And fennel, a plant imported, the value corresponds to.
Soup beef tail with chickpeas
183 4 120м 6
Very tasty soup. Recipe learned while on a business trip in Asia.
Jelly home
178 5 120м -
Everything seems to be as usual, BUT what matters is what it's cooked. And prepared it from beef tails. Made of pork legs, ears, heads. But try one just once to cook the tails, dismissed all other options of making this delicious and simnasho homemade meals.

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