Rice paper

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"Lasagna" with rice paper
394 - 30м 4
It's tasty, quick to prepare dish suitable for camping and home parties! It is excellent both hot and cold!
Salad Oriental
270 - 35м 5
Delicate salad that sparked my interest, mostly because of the "wrapper" if you can call it that. Uncomplicated products in a unique way. Due to the fact that I can vary some of the ingredients, the taste of the salad can be changed "by itself", according to their taste preferences. I will not be original: For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Pies with cabbage "Chinese" in rice sheet
240 5 - -
I love Mute. Crispy rice batter juicy meat filling ... But today I rice biscuits did not dumb and pies with cabbage . Rice cakes I buy at the Chinese store . Unfortunately I do not know whether it is possible to buy them in Russia, I Hope so. The filling can be different And please . If your city has a Chinese store, please leave your address . Surely someone will come in handy.
Chicken surprise. Zhi Bao Ji
236 3 - -
Hello Komrad. Today I want to introduce You to one of our favorite Chinese dishes. Further more------>
Acute nem with chicken
224 - - -
A little less than a year has passed after our trip to Vietnam. There we were aprobability razlichnyh local dishes. Separately, you can select fried spring rolls, nem. Any kind of filling wrapped in rice paper and fried in hot oil. It is very tasty!
Pancakes "Harumaki"
194 - - -
Harumaki is spring pancakes. They are so named because they are traditionally prepared on the first day of the Chinese New year, which falls on the spring. Yes, February is considered to be in the spring. And in our country, spring is associated primarily with the 8th of March. Therefore, it is appropriate to prepare harumaki for a party in honor of International Women's Day and to pamper yourself and your guests with a delicious appetizer of chicken, cheese and rice dough with a glass of red plum wine.

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