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What to cook from Ricotta more

348 4 20м 8
Popular in the MAGHREB sweetness. I want to introduce another type of dough KADAYIF. In this embodiment, the pie was FRIED!! in a skillet, but you can also oven.
Round doughnuts with ricotta
295 - 50м 2
A quick and tasty dessert. It turns out very tender and crispy.
Sauce pumpkin and ricotta pasta
277 4 30м 4
This is perhaps one of the most favorite sauces. I use it for pumpkin varieties "Prefecture", because she's amazing "nutty" flavor, but you can cook with any pumpkin!
Farfalle with sauce "a La Sicilienne"
276 3 30м 2
Just say "connoisseurs" Italian cuisine, especially Sicilian, it's a recipe I slightly altered "under" Northern Italy!.. As a real sheep's ricotta in here, "the afternoon with fire you will not find"...
248 - - -
Quite by chance I saw this recipe in the vastness of the net, well, the competition spurred on his cooking. Genovese (Genovese) - cookies, a native of Genoa. Semolina in the dough gives a nice crunch. Sand with the original ricotta with coffee and cardamom. Help yourself...
Soffioni cake with cream of ricotta
238 - - -
This is a traditional cake from the Abruzzo region. These baskets with ricotta, baked in Italy for Easter. They are called "chain letters". Cakes are a box of thin crispy dough filled with a delicate cream of ricotta. The cake is baked together with the cream during baking rises strongly, and on cooling settles. The result is a layered mass, resembling the most delicate souffle hrustaleu enclosed in a shell.

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