Ascorbic acid

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Cooked sausage "Doctor"
274 - - -
GOST 23670-79. Do you love sausage? And delicious? Me too. Today I want to show how easy it is to make at home doctoral sausage for guests, well, almost according to GOST, by itself not much the spices have expanded. To your taste, that you recommend. As different, in some detail, the process of cooking. The process is adapted to the conditions of a normal apartment and do not require any "exotic production". The quality of the product is not reduced.
Bread "rustic"
208 - 30м 15
Soft, fine, fragrant bread with a crispy crust, seeds and nuts. No kneading and hassle. Baked in roaster or ovenproof pot. " Better than from the bakery! " praise him all who tried. With cheese, sausage or just sprinkled with salt butter it's perfect. You will not regret it - at first. But remember: Long-term dependence You provided!
Meat loaf ham first grade
147 - - -
Meat loaf ham first grade, according to the formula in 1938.
Dry-cured pork in
138 - - -
I want to show you a simple recipe for jerked meat, namely pork. This technique allows you to get 100% quality product at home, without any tricky "basement", equipment, etc. Is a recipe for beginners, for those who have never surovell and is not as the CEE is done. With this recipe you can make the first step in "syawal". Not unimportant, that no cunning of the equipment we'll need. We will only need the meat, spices, scales and the conventional refrigerator, that's the whole set. Well, even a little effort, although this practice it the least. In General, I give you the recipe and the method of manufacture of delicious dried meat, which it turns out at all and always!
Spinaci dairy
126 - - -
Spinaci these are thick sausages with chunks of fat.
Cooked sausage "prima" premium grade
119 5 150м -
For lovers of home-made

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