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Soup Maneštra
0.7k - - -
The cuisine of Croatia is incredibly interesting, varied, very tasty. The magnificent meat dishes, fabulous cakes. Fans of the first course, and I, you know, crazy on the soup, too, will find something to try. Soup Maneštra, for example! It combines the features of maize meal and meat soups. Croats like to add to the maneštra pickled turnips, fresh or pickled cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes in their own juice. Choose any component or combine them at its discretion. This soup just blew my mind, this is yummy! Amazing, magical, unusual soup! Thick, rich... my Husband appreciated it along with the Soup dealer of cattle from Tapei and Old soup. Recipe in principle simple, however, multistage and troublesome. But, my God, what is he tasty!
"Drunken" pork knuckle
300 5 - -
This pork knuckle is well served with braised cabbage or mashed potatoes. Choose for yourself who you like more....
Roll of pork shank in a slow cooker
259 - - -
A great appetizer for the holiday table and for everyday. Very tasty, taste like pork, but much softer and juicier!
216 3.5 120м 4
German dish. Serve with braised sauerkraut, ideally to extinguish it with caraway seeds and juniper berries, but you can do. My generally eaten with sauerkraut :) DELICIOUS!!! NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE!! ideal for beer
Choucroute-an Alsatian
191 - 200м 4
Choucroute garnie is an iconic dish for the kitchen region Alsace, the ownership of which France and Germany were long dispute. The word “choucroute” – choucroute is a tracing from the German sauerkraut, on our sauerkraut. However, saying “choucroute”, in Alsace and in France generally mean first of all, choucroute garnie, choucroute garnie that is supplemented with different tasty things. Usually this meat, primarily pork. Of course, choucroute garnie – a dish of rich, high-calorie, first of all winter, but you can serve it at other times of the year, if not very hot (information from Internet). As is usually the case, the only true recipe choucroute does not exist, everyone prepares it their own way. Festive choucroute in Alsace can include up to 20 different kinds of meat and sausages, and for everyday meals enough for two or three. I have a recipe of 5 types of meat products.
Boar knee
190 4 120м -
For the sake of interest bought in the restaurant. In the menu wrote "the star of the Czech cuisine". Then made a home - poluchilos much tastier! )))))) A dish for meat lovers and beer.

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