Liver of lamb

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Skewers of liver with fat tail "Well is very delicious"
1.7k 4 30м 3
These skewers from my family - favorite dish, but for me - a lifesaver. When you need to cook dinner or to surprise guests, and in nature they are particularly good. Try it, you won't regret it.
Elahi Bakhsh
382 4 - 10
Wonderful pilaf created by Bukharian Jews, "edited" the Elder hankishieva. Found again in the book "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure". The dish that makes the stomach dimensionless...
Liver kebab "Pressed-Baur"
337 - 30м -
I want to offer to cook a wonderful dish of Caucasian cuisine -"Shook-Baur." Traditionally, it's bits of lamb or beef liver a thin fat film. Through the shell, which is wrapped liver, it retains all the juice inside, the fat melts during the cooking, leaving a delicious crust. This dish can be cooked on the coals, and the oven. The result with either method is excellent, besides, the cooking process will not take much time! And for the filing of the kebab is cooked, traditional sauce"brine". Generally go! Caucasian cuisine is always delicious!))
Elahi Bakhsh
292 - - -
Very unusual pilaf. This is an old recipe of Bukhara Jews. I recommend to try, very tasty.
Kebab Istanbul
257 - 90м 4
No matter what was cooking in the outdoors, it seems to me that the king of the menu at the picnic always is and will be a young fresh lamb. A barbecue, made from the heart and liver of lamb is the pinnacle, the very height of luxury! The most delicious, fragrant, tender, never boring.
"Meat pockets" on the coals
247 - - -
Very tasty and beautiful dish for meat lovers! And also, it is an interesting alternative to the usual barbecue.

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