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Grouse "my Husband is 45"
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Just recently, beloved husband turned 45. The birthday fell on a weekday, decided to celebrate in a warm family circle. I wanted to prepare not troublesome and bright treat. And even this: which is not often the case on the table. Your choice is stopped on the grouse the gherkins, and not lost. Prepared after work, had time before her husband. All have time and not tired. Maybe someone to appreciate that idea. All a pleasant appetite!
Grouse with pineapple
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"Eat pineapples, chew grouse! Your last hour comes, bourgeois!" the Famous phrase Mayakovsky is known to all Soviet people at school. In childhood, the grouse seemed to me some little evil creatures that could destroy the unfortunate bourgeoisie, all without exception. However, upon closer examination, the grouse was still quite cute birds. They are especially delicious with a side of pineapple. Knew still bourgeois experts in gastronomy. So, prepare famous gourmet dish!
Grouse with cheese crust
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Dear cooks! Present on your court my first prescription. It turned out to be grouse, actually, I was preparing myself for the first time. Just went to get meat in the store, and they all grouse buy, so I decided to try it. Came, looked and made the following dish. Grouse were very juicy and tasty. And garnish with the baked potatoes - awesome. A husband who doesn't eat chicken, and eaten a grouse. So, in my family this dish liked it. I hope someone else will try and appreciate.
Grouse fried
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In September, offers hunting for grouse. The bird is small, but very tasty, and the hunt for her athletic and exciting. In cooking a grouse special secrets.
Soup grouse
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I'd rather you called the broth of the grouse, because this version of cooking grouse use in camp. Although this time made it home :)

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