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Bread with flower pollen
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For the bread machine. The week was surfing the web and as always it turns out - looking for one thing and find another. So do I He saw a bread recipe in which you added the pollen. I read the recipe, nothing complicated there, so I thought: why not!!?? Pollen the house(and in granules and liquid), bought something, wanted to give their children (after all, it is VERY useful), but..... as always - but. The kids didn't want it to eat, because the taste is not very tasty. And then just kill two birds with one stone. And the bread we eat (especially - he of the three types of flour), and the pollen is not lost. The bread turned out delicious, the pollen (though its there a little) gave the bread a faint bitterness, but this bitterness gave the bread flavor. Recipe converted into a LG stove (and removed some of the ingredients), but below I will write the original recipe.
Live jelly cake "Raspberry miracle"
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This summer and really easy recipe live Goodies wonderful all – and the method of preparation and composition of ingredients, and appearance and delicate flavor and a wonderful aroma! Only natural ingredients and the maximum preservation of all nutrients... m-m-m! Try it, hope You like it too!

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