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What to cook from Sago more

The sago pudding with peach sauce
172 - 120м 6
Sago! Here's a rare cereal, gluten free, and therefore very useful in diets, I came across recently in the sale. And an interesting recipe for it I found in an old book by Elena molokhovets in 1901. No. 1510. Slightly adapting it to our current products and measures, I still decided to make this an interesting and original pudding!! And to dedicate this absolutely unusual treat I want a great lover of all rare, vintage and original... Guess who?? No?! Then come visit and learn all about it!!
Mini-casseroles of sago with salmon
155 - - -
My first acquaintance with barley sago happened a couple of weeks ago in the store. Bought for the sake of interest and not lost! Ready resembles sago, rice, and pasta at the same time, only structure is more silky. I made from sago here are some great mini casseroles. Very tasty and tender it turned out. These casseroles are very compact, they are great to take along to work or on a picnic.
About caviar from Sago
143 - 40м 6
This recipe is going to devote her compatriot, cook Cause katico, because thanks to her I met this unusual grains like sago. Getting to know her I liked it and I wanted to know what else besides a variety of casseroles, you can cook. And in the depths of the Internet found this unusual recipe.
Appetizer "Sea Rhapsody"
135 - 75м -
Today is the feast of the Annunciation, therefore, allowed to eat fish and seafood. Well, I decided not only to pamper themselves but also to impress their guests. How I succeeded, you be the judge.
Orange casserole with cottage cheese and sago
94 - - -
I again to you with a dish of sago. This time sweet. I want to offer you a very tasty and tender cheesecake with a pronounced orange flavor.
Asian fish cakes with cucumber chili salad
90 - 40м 6
Juicy and tasty burgers, variations in all of Asia very much! I like this option because of the juiciness and a great component of spices. But still an excellent addition in the form of spicy cucumber salad.

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