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What to cook from Side more

Aromatic side
363 3 45м -
A very simple recipe, fast, delicious. The fish turns out beautiful in color, very tender and flavorful!
Side with sauce Fendu (Fondue aux poireaux et carottes)
142 - 40м 4
Yesterday I tried the fish with a sauce in one of the cafés. And immediately fell in love with this dish. I was all excited about the sauce. It is the main flavor of this dish. Poet offer You not much cooking fish (it is normal), but the sauce Fendu. It is easy to cook, but the enjoyment of the dish provided. Try it for yourself!
Tender fish with vegetables
117 4 60м 10
Delicious fish with vegetables. Tender, juicy :)
Side under onion sauce
103 4 60м 4
Delicious dish from meat of marine fish with vegetables and sauce.
Pollock in tomato sauce
94 3 - -
So earlier my mom used to make, easy, simple and delicious.

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