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What to cook from Meringue more

Chocolate cake-meringue
233 5 - -
How to decorate a cake for a christening.
Sponge roll"Fantasy"
231 - 90м 6
This roll real fireworks of flavors, since it combines completely different types of dough, but as a complement a delicious butter cream boiled condensed milk. This dessert is perfect for the holiday table, will appeal to both adults and children. Procurement for it can be prepared in advance and on the day of celebration to assemble it all in the loaf.
Cake "Air dreams"
203 3.5 15м 4
Very quick and easy to prepare here is a delicious and beautiful ice cream cake. Idea found on the website "desserts"
Bircher muesli
190 - - 2
This healthy and mouth-watering dish is very popular all over the world. Made these muesli Swiss nutritionist Bircher. What may be unexpected in the preparation of muesli? Surprisingly, they were happy to eat naughty children and meat eaters-men) Soaked overnight cereal is much healthier and inexplicably much tastier than the normal version. Try it!
Cherry yogurt dessert
186 - 10м 2
Delicious, fast, low-calorie is all about this dessert. The only condition is the availability of several things meringue. Prepare yourself for such a "Cup" at Breakfast, and he not only will not add excess calories, but will energise and lift your spirits.
Cake "My first order"
180 - 120м 12
I decided a long time what to do after the birth of a daughter, so that the head is not to go to work, so it was time for the most important man in my life. And now it's: I love to bake all kinds of cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread, so why not to take seriously?)) Share my joy with you: my first cake to order)))

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