White currants

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Cake "Scarlet"
283 - - -
Love currants? Enjoy the summer with a delicious piece of cake with meringue, curd-raspberry souffle with fresh berries and flavors of summer!
Cupcakes with white currants
199 - 30м 12
I want to offer to cook cupcakes stuffed with white currants. Recipes batter for cupcakes, there are many. But maybe someone will be interested. The cakes are prepared very quickly. White currants, in contrast to the red and black, has a mild and sweet taste, but still gives the necessary acidity of baking. It turns out very tasty!
Bread-cake with currants
197 - - -
Fancy bread and perhaps a cake with black, red and white currants. Has bright, rich and distinct aroma and taste. Treat yourself and your loved ones.
Berry brew Smorodinka
176 - - -
A nice drink from the berries of currant and mint quenches thirst. For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
With a quick Morse
165 - 5м -
Incredibly simple, a simple recipe of juice! Today we have 37, so Morse is just what we need in this heat! From the "Brutal men's kitchen"))
Jam from black currant and Saskatoon, black currant and white
134 - 30м 10
Very tasty and easy jam fast preparation of various berries (when you need to save the harvest)

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