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What to cook from Rapana more

Fricassee of shellfish
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Fricassee - a dish of French cuisine, which literally translates as "sundries", from the French verb fricasser, to "fried, stewed". Fricassee usually made of veal, chicken or rabbit. But there are options of pigeon meat, pork and lamb. In fact - braised stew with cream. In the fricassee are also often added mushrooms, green peas, asparagus, capers. I want to offer the option fricassee of shellfish with mushrooms and spinach.
160 - 30м 6
Delicious and a great catch of a fresh shellfish from the Black sea.
Chops from Rapana
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Chops straight from the sea Rapana. Rapana is a woman, not inclined (as coat) :) So catch Rapana, one... Rapana Rapana is a predator and destroys natural filter of the Black sea - mussel. During the day, one of Rapana eats 1 to 2 mussels. One mussel filters about 70 liters of water per day. Rapana meat is cleaner meat than mussels, as Rapana has a full body with the liver, stomach, intestines. And we use only the muscular foot of the clam. For the amount of protein Rapana meat approaching chicken, but fat is 18 times smaller. Here's a useful culinary terms, the product we today and cook. If You don't have fresh Rapana, you can buy in the supermarket frozen. IMPORTANT! If you acquire fresh Rapana on the market, then look below the lid, covering the entrance to the basin, were densely covered. If the cap is missing or half-open, Rapana dead and CANNOT be eaten.
Steak Rapana
139 - 15м 6
Easy to cook and tasty to eat! A recipe from the Internet.
Brine breaded
133 - 5м -
Cooked this way Rapana, very gentle and soft. If you've never eaten and can't decide to try this method of preparation will suit you. They look like normal chops. When you ask them, "Guess what you eat?" more likely to say: chicken or fish. The dish is very hearty, as brine is pure protein. And very economical. As of the 5 I have now cooked shellfish, it turned out a whole plate of delicious food!
Salad with conch shell
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This salad made me Breakfast husband while I was still asleep, so step-by-step photos are missing. Salad, very tasty.

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