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Three smoothies for Breakfast
178 - - -
For the lovely ladies, lovely ladies smoothies I drink in the evenings Without the smoothie I like and without dam As a day to live, I do not know myself. For the lovely ladies to you lovely ladies I'll make myself a smoothie And I take the Mistral for the lovely ladies!
Decorations from marzipan
172 4 - -
And this cake for my synuli, he still hadn't seen him sleep. Hope the surprise was a success and he will be happy. The car is his weakness. The cake recipe was not present. Want to share a recipe for marzipan. Delicious and decoration molded very easily.
Marzipan classic
171 - 30м -
I represent to your attention a classic recipe of marzipan, which I use. Note that don't use eggs, because you can catch Salmonella, and the retention time of this marzipan is much shorter or not at all desirable. The recipe is simple and tasty marzipan, the shop will not buy. The version with brandy for the adults :-) In the version for children do not use flavor rum and brandy, and replaced by "Rose water" - 1 teaspoon Bon APPETIT IN 100 g of finished product contains: Protein-10 g; Carbohydrates 54 g; Fat 26 g; Calories - 490 kcal.
Spicy fruit and rice dessert
117 - - -
A delicious spicy dessert with wild rice and fruit. An unusual note is a combination of cinnamon, almond oil and honey. Instead of raisins you can use any dried fruit — apricots, dates, figs. Every time the taste will play a new way!
Walnut boxes with maple syrup
116 - 50м 28
This is the second type of Christmas cookies that I offer You, dear cooks!!!
The magic brownie
110 - 30м 12
These brownies are real, exactly the kind that should be - moist, a bit chewy, and chocolate-chocolate! Brownie is very easy to prepare and even more delicious when eating! Try it!

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