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An unusual mulled wine "Heart"
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In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.
Hawthorn tincture "Rehabilitation"
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Hawthorn tincture - a phrase familiar to everyone. At the moment, because of the events, for many, it is associated with local drunks-the misfits who drink all that burns. It's a shame that a really cool thing, because not dishonest dealers fall into the category of the base. I would like to rehabilitate this drink, in the eyes of others and today I want to offer pure medicinal extract and a delicious, noble, laughing, relaxing, well, a little bit of medicinal properties of the drink.
Jam from apples and hawthorn
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Another simple recipe of hawthorn, the taste is excellent!!!
Healthy drink from Finland
167 - 3м 5
On the website there are similar drinks, but includes all ingredients no. Recipe shared friend from Finland, to the Finns use can be trusted. I hope, dear cooks, such vitamin tea will warm you in winter day and increase immunity. Now instead of regular tea in the winter to go out of town I take a thermos with berries.
Jam of hawthorn
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Jam of hawthorn has a very unusual taste! And it's not only delicious, but also useful! But if You taste it did not like it, use it as a filling for pies, he reveals quite different. Only here the hawthorn fruit is not very juicy, this is after cooking the jam still has a lot of "waste" that can be used to prepare delicious compote.
Hawthorn tincture "Kuchugurskaya"
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Tincture of hawthorn fruit prescription all known mityaya Buharkina of Kuchugury.

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