Lemon grass

What to cook from Lemon grass more

Thai soup "Tom Kha"
262 - 30м 8
For this recipe cook the soup at the restaurant "the Maquis the Maquis" cook it often enough, it's very tasty!!!
Salmon marinated
253 - - -
Fish reveals its flavor after I soaked all the flavors that will give her the lemongrass and parsley, Basil and pepper. Very well served with a fish the next day after cooking, cold, she will be even more delicious. A fish I usually cook and serve the day after new year's eve. Your guests will appreciate this dish.
Salad Oriental
233 - 40м 3
Soon the long-awaited New year holiday, and we all wonder what to cook. I offer you a chicken salad Oriental. His ease, he will Eclipse the other salads on your table.
Soup "hi from Thailand"
209 5 45м 10
If I purchase a pumpkin, you know, lunch is my favorite soup, cooked with Thai cuisine. And to do this overseas dish is not difficult!
Mint-ginger drink with citronella "Wind of change"
170 - 15м 2
Tonight the wind changed. Now it's blowing from the mountains. He brought a bit of rain, new sensations and smells: the freshness of mint, the heat of ginger and the aroma of citronella.
A light soup of cod with pumpkin in a slow cooker
162 - 90м -
Very hearty, but healthy and delicious autumn soup. And the unusual combination of pumpkin and fish will add spice to your lunch!

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