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Mysterious salad "Herring under a fur coat"
259 - 60м 10
We were at a party, and the hosts are silent as "guerrillas", until I first tried a salad. And then revived all the guests, let's try and guess what kind of fish in the salad!? Honestly, I about such hear for the first time! It was the idea of the master of the feast, he also revealed the secret. The riddle no one has solved it.) Salad played new and such a pleasant taste! Knowing my passion for cooking and love to Cook, I was handed a piece of fish)) Now, the cooks, to share with you, suddenly come in handy...
The Royal ear
213 - 160м 10
Real Royal ear by an old recipe. Has a distinctive aroma and taste. This recipe used to prepare soup for the Russian tsars. Found it on one of the sites was a photo of the recipe from the cookbook of 1896. All recommend this recipe. Thus it is not difficult to prepare. Fish be sure to use only a river. While catfish and bream will not work. In Russia, for this ear was served pancakes with red caviar or fish.
Cheese salad with white fish
156 - 10м 3
Gave me from scratch the fairing - the salmon of whitefish, the delight knew no bounds, but the fish was so huge that after a week my daughter is already under the fur coat she was doing, and Siberian salad, and a cheese salad made for Breakfast). Very tasty, cheesy, spicy fish touch and not heavy thanks to the fresh vegetables! Dedicate salad a wonderful girlfriend Natalie scullion NataliM-2015, not shad, of course, but also very good)))! Help yourself, dear, you will be fine!
145 - 30м 6
For lovers of fish a simple family pleasure. If I repeat, sorry, but just such a recipe on the website is not found.
Harlequin of salted salmon and Escolar
113 - 10м 1
Harlequin is not only a character of the Italian Comedy and the most popular mask of the Italian theatre, but also original serving fish platter.

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