Soup batch

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Meatballs of chicken and carrot "Tsukune"
160 - 25м 4
Tsukune. If you suddenly came to visit from Japan, and your wine cellar from traditional Japanese ingredients sachet miso soup and rice noodles... don't despair and prepare Tsukune - chicken meatballs round or oval shape, which Japanese often cook on a slow fire, and fry in a pan or grill.
Pies with potato "Specie"
123 3 - -
We are leaving on Saturday for 2 weeks - that was a task: to conduct an audit of the refrigerator and other places of food storage so that nothing is corrupted or missing. Scratched the bottom of the barrel... Pulled into the light of a number of perishable (and not) products. Here, I thought - and how to use? And you ask yourself, how appear all new and new recipes, sit, I suppose, in the laboratory, scientists invent things or so - spontaneously opened the fridge... and suffered!
Chicken "2 in 1 "
120 4 40м 3
This recipe came from the lack of time and lack of food in the fridge. From what has been tried to make dinner for my family. Ate and praised, and I really enjoyed myself. Maybe this idea will be useful for other busy cooks...
Noodle soup with nettles
104 - 40м -
Vermicelli soup with nettle and meatballs. As soon as the nettles... I have used it in all my preparations. Salads, soups, to prepare for the future.
Potato gratin
100 3 40м -
Potatoes – our idol of the people! Sing him the anthem of the earth. From the time of Peter in Russia, the fashion, Not for nothing called "the second Bread". Natalia Anisina

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