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What to cook from Penne more

Salad "Bandiera" anchovies
277 5 25м 4
"Bandiera" in Italian-flag. Also called Italian cuisine that combines the three colors of the Italian flag-white, red, green. Very elegant and original salad.
Penne with tuna
182 - 30м 4
And pasta and salad in one plate. When there is no time, or too lazy to stand long at the stove, this salad can become a full-fledged lunch or dinner. Recipe from Julia Vysotskaya
Mezze Tricolor Penne with spicy sauce
136 - 20м 4
Tricolor Penne Mezze is a tribute to the colors of the Italian flag, expressed in one of the most popular formats of pasta. This pasta traditional format and bright colors, made with the addition of tomatoes and spinach are perfect for all kinds of sauces.
Classic pastitsio
136 - 70м 6
Closest to the original recipe for hearty Greek dish - baked pasta with meat spicy sauce and sweet sauce "Bechamel". Try it! Very tasty.
Zucchini Carbonara from Jamie Oliver
127 - 20м 4
Unusual pasta from Jamie Oliver. Unusual, but very tasty. You guessed it, it is present zucchini. Most interesting is that it is eaten even by those who do not like zucchini, and prefers to eat them in dumpling, my son. Pasta cooks quickly available products. She will help you out if you need to quickly prepare dinner and even in case of unexpected guests.
Penne with tuna sauce
122 4 - -
No time to cook or just lazy? Then this recipe is just perfect for You. Pasta with flavorful fish sauce, a delicate hint of fragrant Basil and spicy green cheese.

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