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What to cook from Malt more

0.8k 3.5 - 5
A drink made from licorice root (licorice). For those who like the root. The specific flavor, but the drink has a good impact on the human body.
Italian national sourdough bread
351 - - -
Pane comune con madre yeast. So I liked the picture of this bread on Pinterest the blog of Anastasia, went further reference, found the recipe, true Italian, translated. Baked. Can someone say long and boring, but delicious! The bread is gorgeous, airy, sour, funky with a crispy crust. By the way, it is later found that the recipes of this bread is full in Russian it is called Communal. Congratulations, dear girls!
KARELIAN bread (the most delicious bread baked by me so far)
213 5 - -
Today this bread is considered a luxury, and it was created after the war as a wheat analogue of Borodino, from 1950 became standard and won not one gold medal. Also surprisingly tried this tasty bread and simple - easy to bake even at home! Try it - you'll be charmed!
Rye bread for bread machine
201 5 - -
A delicious, airy bread. Recommend!
Bread "Lean" cherry-malt
186 - - -
Delicious, flavorful, absolutely stunning with the cherry bread flour and rye malt. Crisp, the crumb soft and tender. Bread with a subtle delicate hint of almond, which gives the bird-cherry flour. The consistency of the bread is like toast. Ideal for first and second dishes, but also good for sandwiches. Help yourself!
Rye bread, No. 1
182 3 - -
Recipe rye bread with added malt, pinifarina, extra R. the Bread turns out fragrant, with pronounced acidity(typical for rye bread) and, of course, with a crispy crust and tasty crumb.

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