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What to cook from Cactus more

Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)
273 - 60м -
The prickly pear is a plant belonging to the family Cactaceae. Extremely thermophilic, so it grows in hot climates. Fruit in sweetness to compete with figs and useful properties superior to the majority of fruit. This is the only very sweet fruit that you can eat and not gain weight!!! Extracts of this plant are used in pharmaceuticals as a means for weight loss and combat cellulite. In Greece it grows prickly pear species with relatively large seeds that are not worth trying to crack. In my opinion, is a disadvantage of this fruit. "Great harvest" Opuntia encouraged me to create the jam, although more healthful fresh fruit.
Smoothies prickly pears
199 - 10м 2
Tried to make a smoothie from this fruit, surprised himself and his family. Incredible refreshing taste!
Refreshing tonic "Pink Panther"
164 - 20м 6
Many people at the mention of the name "Pink Panther" before eyes there is an image of funny pink Panther, a series of animated films. In fact, the so-called expensive the impressive size of the diamond. As stated, if you look at the diamond, you can see the refraction of light in the form of a Panther in a jump. Now the cult of the Panther revives. Appear museums of the Pink Panther, produced bags, underwear with a picture of the pink Panther, there is body art-ballet - "Pink Panther". And I want to offer you the juice from the fruit of the cactus "Pink Panther", which in color and spotting like pink Panther and combines the taste of melon, kiwi and nettle. And to acquaint you with the advantages of a cactus. The contest " Tired sun ".
Marinade "Sabres" with soy sauce
158 - - -
Often fly to Israel. Friends in the Promised Land give us the local cuisine, and also dishes throughout the day. Here is one such
Jam from fruits of Opuntia cacti
130 - 30м 6
Prickly pears (Opuntia) is a large genus of cacti, which includes about three hundred species. Grows in Canada, USA, Mexico, Africa, Israel, India... Prickly pear of great benefit to man: used for aboriginal food, quench thirst, are used as medicines, used as a fuel, protect the dwelling from strong winds, etc. the Fruits of prickly pear are eaten raw, make jam and jelly, drinks, marmalades, candies... so, my recipe for jam! Come on in, help yourself!
Sorbet of cactus (prickly pear)
126 - 180м 2
Delicious, healthy, refreshing dessert.

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