Powder onion

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Chorizo sausage for frying
295 - 45м -
I offer you the recipe for Spanish sausage for frying "chorizo fresco". Unchanged ingredient here is smoked paprika which gives the sausage the red color and special taste. Other spices you can experiment with.
293 - 50м 4
Albondigas (accent on the letter "o") thick vegetable soup with meatballs. It's a Spanish or Mexican dish. The taste is very intense: spicy-hot, just what you need in the cold season. The dish is hearty, think, love your family and friends.
Berry-Mandarin salad with quinoa
164 - 20м 4
Another from a variety of great summer salads. Bright, tasty, useful, satisfying and a lot a lot of advantages.
Ribs "Barbecue"
162 4 240м 6
Very tasty and juicy.
Spiral potato-cheese
155 - - -
New year holidays in Russia do not end with the chimes, this is only the beginning of a string of holidays with a hearty meal, so when the filler ends, sliced sausage will be eaten, and mayonnaise salads will not be forces to watch, prepare this original appetizer)
Indian soup "Gave Masala"
147 - - -
Gave the national Indian soup based on beans, vegetables and spices (the word "gave" refer to the beans, from which prepare the soup and masala called collection of spices to put in it). The essence of the dish is to tenderize the beans to a state of light mashed potatoes and a good season all the vegetables with spices fried in ghee.

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