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California relish
271 - - -
Relish is a sauce made from pickled or chopped vegetable or fruit. Originated in India and has since become popular worldwide. Today, I want to buy you relicom California. You can prepare for the winter, and can be enjoyed immediately after cooling. Come, treat!
Cake "Eden"
270 - 90м 12
Thin and delicate chocolate cakes, flavored cherry compote and lots and lots of mousse from dark chocolate, covered with delicious mirrored icing! This is my special cake in honor of the decade favorite site! Chocoholic, I invite you all to visit the next batch of hormone happiness.
Cake "Watermelon in cream"
260 3 - -
Did this cake on September 1 for his kids. Turned out delicious and was gone in an instant. The contest "School time".
Cake with pudding "Tangerine doping"
211 - - -
This is a great cake for the holiday table. After the New year without mandarins arrives!
Cake "First love"
184 - - -
Recently my beloved daughter literally flew on the wings, and said, that, probably, fell in love, and most importantly - it is mutually))) And yet, the boy will come to us to get acquainted. Here it is - the real spring! Spring in the yard, spring in the heart))) Oh, I can't imagine how I was shaking hands and legs, and in honor of this joyous occasion I decided to bake a cake, which had long dreamed of, but there was no reason to bother. He is the same gentle, timid, airy and intoxicating as first love, spring, happiness. So, I invite you to enjoy a piece of cake, not sugary, moderately sweet, mousse with a dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate and a layer of pear mulled wine. The idea is Ruletka. Oh, the weakness I have for Solanum cakes ))) I Wonder? Come on in, help yourself...
Raspberry jam with lemon
174 5 20м 10
A delicious jam made with raspberries recipe from a magazine "Lisa"

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