What to cook from Spaghetti more

Nest of pasta with minced meat
0.6k - 50м -
Nest of pasta with minced meat and tomatoes, baked under a cheese crust - a great dish for Your table!
Fish "Harbour"
341 5 60м 4
In the beginning was the idea to make just the meatballs, but then decided "to dream" delicious "boats" from minced fish, with a side dish of spaghetti...
Minestrone with beans, borlotti
270 - 40м 4
This soup is "rich in fiber and carbohydrates and contains little fat," so says of him, Gordon Ramsay. The site has a few recipes, some very close. But after trying this recipe, I couldn't resist and decided to remind You about this wonderful and healthy dish in the interpretation of the chef.
Spaghetti Tricolor
195 4 20м 2
A delicious hearty dish
Hot "Cossack mustache"
191 4 80м -
This is the dish I brought from Western Ukraine, slightly modified. Will definitely appeal to fans of pasta and sauces... as well As our babies-poweredcom... the Dish is simple in ingredients, simple to prepare, although a little bit troublesome. The dish has a very interesting bouquet of flavors...
Cooksey hot
186 5 120м 6
It is a kind of Korean soup. Festive first course. In summer cooling, with sharp little pickle. In the winter, respectively, on the hot broth warming. Cook it is not difficult, stock up on necessary products, time and patience.

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